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If a vehicle has been left with you for repairs and you completed the work but have not been paid then you can file for a Mechanic Lien.

What you will need:

1)    A signed and completed work order

2)    Your Tax ID number

Other things you should know:

1)    Repairs must have been completed for a minimum of 30 days.

2)    Liens must be finalized in the county where your mechanic shop is located.

3)    Liens take approximately 45 days to complete.  Please allow additional time if the vehicle is from any state other than Texas.

Texas Liens              $175.00

Out of state Liens   $275.00

Mechanic Liens must be filed and completed in a very specific manner.  If the final paperwork is not absolutely perfect then all the time and money you spent preparing your lien will have been wasted.  Don’t let this happen.  Let us handle this job for you.  We will get it right the first time.  Give us a call we are happy to answer any questions that you may have.  214-309-3737